A heaven of erotic carving, UNSECO world heritage city of INDIA.

Khajuraho one of the "Seven Wonders" of India in Madhya Pradesh. The script of Khajuraho temples is entirely beyond from other temples of India and represents middle age Hindu & Jain erotic sculptures.

The typical 'nagara' style temples; express sexual behavior and present idol relation between his or her sexual necessities. It was also known as Kamasutra temple cause of the sexual nature of these carving.

The external carvings of temples illustrate life cycle of human body's sexual or erotic art. Temple express universal life of human, broad-hipped and high breasted nymph, display jeweled bodies, putting on make-up, washing hair, playing games, dancing and endlessly knotting and unknotting their girdles with musicians, potters, farmers, and other folk. Temples are divided into three group western, eastern and southern group.

Khajuraho dance festival occur in first week of February at open air auditorium of chitra gupta temple dedicated to sun god and Vishwanath temple dedicated to lord Shiva. Performed various classical Indian dances.