Older then History, tradition even the legendry

On the bank of holly river Ganges the holiest city of Hinduism and Jainism as well as also played key role in development of Buddhism. Proudly As per Hindu scriptures Varanasi is centre of the universe and one of the oldest constantly inhabited cities in the world. From the ages, this city is referred as the city of temples, most religious and rich of cultures city of India.

Varanasi city known as paradise for culture loving tourist for its unique cultural fine art and literature. Varanasi is the hub of arts and crafts, particularly silks and brocades with gold and silver thread work, carpet weaving, wooden toys, glass bangles, ivory work, perfumes, artistic brass and copper ware and variety of handicrafts In fact city has enormous sight to see, real history to feel and city tours to enjoy. The great Varanasi attracts millions of tourists around the world every year. People are used to bathing, meditation, yoga at the bank of river Ganges. The city serves its people and tourists with the immense love and rich natural resources.